Benchmark Series
Public Toilets::

Introducing the new mid-range public toilet - designed to deliver flexibility, durability at an affordable price.

WC Innovations has developed this modular, easily installed and quality built public toilet to meet the needs of Councils seeking a speedy and cost conscious solution.

The benchmark comes equipped with;

  • Quality materials - vandal resistant and attractive, with selectable internal, external and roof materials.
  • All compliance and Building and Access code requirements met.
  • Versatility - given its modular construction and quality of design, the units are adaptable to a range of locations, situations and circumstances. The units can be added to for increased demand or relocated if needed.

We will work closely with Council and community to achieve project deliverables, budget and timing. We have extensive experience in the field of public sanitation.

Some practical specifications:

Wall Panels: The “Benchmark Series” modular wall panels comprise a galvanised steel frame structure with internal impact resistant compressed sheet cladding.
A series of these panels combine to provide the core structure of the toilet.
Modular Design: This concept allows for flexibility in design. A simple cost effective unisex single pan cubicle or a combination of multi pan fully accessible and ambulant cubicles can be on site and ready to use in days rather than weeks.
External Cladding: The unique design of the wall panels allow for an extensive range of external cladding materials to be used.
Internal Walls: As a cost effective option the interior walls can be sealed and painted with an easy clean two pack graffiti resistant paint or a range of internal cladding materials can be used to further enhance the internal feel of the toilet.
Roof: Due to the strength and rigidity of the “Benchmark Series” wall panel structure, various roof shapes such as skillion, gable, curved or hip can be adapted.

Standard fixtures and fittings in every “Benchmark Series” toilet.

  • S/Steel toilet pan with vandal resistant seat.
  • S/Steel wash basin with timed tap.
  • S/Steel hand rails.
  • S/Steel jumbo toilet roll dispenser.
  • S/Steel auto beam hand dryer.
  • S/Steel mirror.
  • Hand soap dispenser and Sharps disposal bin.